Ananya Birla Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wedding, Photos, Wiki

Update 26th July 2022: Wedding announced

Ananya Birla announced her engagement and wedding on twitter to her followers.

“It’s happeningggggggg 🎉 🎉” she tweeted. Everyone rushed to congratulate and convey best wishes. She is wearing a gorgeous and traditional wedding dress.

It appears that the marriage ceremony is on Saturday, the 30th of July 2022.

“Saturdayyyyyy what plans do you guys have?,” she tweeted.

This is a wiki or biography about Ananya Birla who is making a name for herself as an astute business woman and also as a talented musician. Ananya is destined to scale great heights in her career.

Father, Family

Ananya Birla’s father is Kumar Mangalam Birla, the founder of the multi-billion dollar Birla group of companies.

Kumar Mangalam Birla has been ranked the 10th richest person in India with a net worth of $12.50 Billion.

Ananya is the first daughter of Kumar Mangalam and Neerja Birla.

Her siblings are Aryaman Vikram and Advaitesha Birla.

Her grandparents are Rajashree and Aditya Vikram Birla.

Her family is orthodox Rajasthani Marwari. The family are strict vegetarians though the food habits followed by Ananya are quite flexible because of the cosmopolitan life that she leads.

Ananya Birla Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Wedding, Photos, Wiki


Ananya was born on 17th July 1994 in Mumbai. She is only 23 years old. However, in her musical and business career, she has demonstrated a maturity which indicates that her emotional age is much higher than her physical age.

In fact, Ananya demonstrated her entrepreneurial abilities when she was only 17 years old. At that tender age, she started her own microfinance company called Svantantra Microfinance.


Ananya is higly qualified. She is a MBA from the prestigious Oxford University in the UK.

(Women’s day special: Ananya Birla’s journey so far)

Business career

Rajasthani Marwari’s are known for their astute business sense. There are several eminent businessmen who hail from the Marwari community.

Ananya Birla has inherited those business genes. She has already proved to be an astute business woman.

At the tender age of 17 years, sheset up Svantantra Microfinance. The business model followed by this NBFC is to lend funds to needy women entrepreneurs working in rural areas.

Svantantra Microfinance is a big success. It presently has 70 branches across India and employs more than 700 people.

She has also founded an e-commerce website called CuroCarte which sells luxury goods to affluent customers.

For her achievements in the field of business, Birla has received several prestigious awards including the ET Panache Trendsetters of 2016 award for Young Business Person.

(Conclave 2017: Ananya Birla talks about digital India)

Musical career

Ananya also has a talent for music. She learnt playin the guitar and the santoor when she was just a little girl aged only 11 years.

Later, when she joined college, she discovered a talent for singing as well. She formed a band whilst in College and also played and sang at local pubs and concerts.

Her songs were so popular that she decided to make a career out of music.

Debut single, “Livin’ the Life”

Ananya’s debut single song is called “Livin’ the Life”. The song was co-written by famous song writer Jim Beanz. It took one year of collaboration to make the song track.

The track was remixed by Afrojack, the famous Dutch DJ.

The song was recorded at a studio in Philadelphia.

The track has a catchy tune which is a mix of pop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

The popularity of the song can be gauged from the fact that it has been viewed 5.5 Million times.

The comments about the song are also largely positive.

Lyrics of “Livin’ the Life”

The lyrics of the debut song are as follows:

“La la, la la, la…
Hold me once
Hold me twice
You ain’t gonna have a bad time
No, no
See the fire in your eyes
You ain’t gonna burn me this time
No, no
Let’s get real serious
I wanna get closer to you now
you making me furious
you just want to keep me in the door
I try to always be your baby
but you dont want to love me.
I try to always be your baby
but you think its funny

I dont want the
I don’t want the
I dont want the
I dont want the
i just wanna be painless
Livin’ The Life
Livin’ The Life.
Spread the love
spread the love
La La, La La
Feel the love, Feel the love”

Song: “Meant To Be”

Ananya’s second song called “Meant To Be” is a bigger hit than “Livin’ the Life”.

This song also has a catchy tune and is very pleasing to the ears. Ananya’s singing style is also very pleasing and grabs the listeners’ attention.

The video of the “Meant To Be” song has been watched 6.47 million times, which clearly reflects the popularity of the song.

‘Meant to Be’ achieves Platinum status

It is a matter of great pride for all Indians and music lovers that Ananya’s international single ‘Meant to Be’ has been certified Platinum by the Indian Music Industry. She is the first Indian artist to do this with an English song.


Ananya is very beautiful and charming. She is also very friendly by nature. It is obvious that she has many admirers from the opposite sex.

However, she has managed to keep the name of her boyfriend a top secret so far. The reason for her not revealing her relationship or the name of her boyfriend is because her family is very orthodox and conservative.

The elders in the family will not appreciate Ananya going public about her love life and revealing details of her boyfriend(s).

Wedding, marriage

Ananya is not married yet though the event is imminent. It is common for Marwari families to get their children married at an early age.

At the age of 23 years, Ananya is of marriageable age.

However, the challenge will be in finding a suitable husband for her. She is so intelligent and beautiful looking that her husband will obviously also have to be intelligent and handsome looking.

Net worth

The networth of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Ananya’s father, is $12.5 Billion as of September 2017.

Ananya has two siblings, being Aryaman Vikram and Advaitesha Birla.

If Kumar Mangalam’s net worth of $12.5 Billion is divided amongst the three children in equal proportion, it means that Ananya’s net worth is nearly $4 Billion.

Most stylish youth icon

Ananya Birla has been awarded the prestigious title of “most stylish youth icon” for her unparalleled contribution to the world of style.

Address, contact information

Ananya is active on twitter, facebook and instagram.

The best way to contact her is through her twitter handle @ananya_birla.

Interview with ET Now

Ananya recently gave an interview to Nayantara Rai of ET NOW in which she candidly shared her business plans and music career. She also revealed secrets of what it is like to be the daughter of Billionaire Kumar Mangalam Birla.

Update: Ananya Birla to buy Micro Housing for Rs 300 crore

According to ET Bureau, Ananya Birla, is in advanced negotiations to acquire Micro Housing Finance Corp for Rs 300 crore, as she seeks to benefit from the growing credit demand in the affordable housing space.

‘Hold on’, third single song, released

Ananya Birla’s third single “Hold On” has been released.

As expected, the song is a blockbuster hit amongst music lovers.

The earlier single songs are named “Livin’ the life” and “Meant to be”.

Ananya explained that the concept of “Hold On” has come straight from her gut.

The song is inspired by individuals who have gone through adversity in relationships but upheld their faith in trust and love.

Sometimes in life, we are often faced with hard decisions such as holding onto relationships that no longer serve us or entangling ourselves through those very relationships,” Ananya stated.

ananya birla hold on single

Meditation, exercise, Bhagavad Gita

Ananya Birla revealed in an interview to ET that fitness entails finding inner happiness. Her own unique mantra of keeping calm and staying ahead is to focus on Meditation, exercise and Bhagavad Gita.

I recommend that everyone read the ‘Bhagavad Gita. It teaches you about life. I was inspired to take up meditation after reading it, which is now something I try to practice as often as possible. Meditation creates serenity and calm that helps me deal with life’s ups and downs. It helps me switch off recharge. It also boosts creativity. It encourages me to look at projects (and sometimes myself) more objectively and tap into deeper thoughts and emotions,” Ananya Birla said.

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