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Anas Rashid is a well-known and popular actor who works in Television programmes and soap operas. We shall study aspects of his age, salary, engagement, marriage, wife, new TV shows etc.


Anas Rashid was born on 31st August 1980 in Malerkotla, Punjab, India. He is 37 years old.

However, his pleasant demeanour hides his real age. He looks and acts much younger than his age.


Anas Rashid hails from a family of actors. His first cousins, Mohammad Nazim and Ather Habib, are well known actors in TV shows.

Height and weight

Rashid keeps himself slim and trim. He is 175 cm (1.75 m) tall and weighs about 75 kgs.

Career in TV

Anas Rashid made his debut as a TV actor in a show called Kahiin To Hoga. This show was successful and so other roles followed.

He got roles in the important show Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan. This was a show on the historical figure Prithviraj Chauhan and was very successful.

Diya Aur Baati Hum was one of Anas Rashid’s most popular TV shows. He played the role of an illiterate shopkeeper who falls in love with an educated woman. He encourages her to achieve her ambitions and she becomes a high-ranking IPS officer.

Anas Rashid is named Sooraj Rathi in Diya Aur Baati Hum while the role of the wife is played by Deepika Singh.

TV shows of Anas Rashid

Anas Rashid has so far acted in the following TV shows:

Year(s) Show Role Channel
2006–07 Kahiin To Hoga Kartik Ahluwalia Star Plus
2006–07 Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa Karan Sehgal STAR One
2006–09 Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan Prithviraj Chauhan Star Plus
2010 Aise Karo Naa Vidaa Prince Yashwardhan Colors TV
2011–2016 Diya Aur Baati Hum Sooraj Rathi Star Plus

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji

The good news is that the producers of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ have decided to produce a sequel called ‘Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji’.

The sequel will have the same actors, namely, Anas Rashid, a.k.a Sooraj, and Deepika Singh a.k.a. Sandhya.


Anas had earlier made it clear that he will opt for an arranged marriage and go by the wishes of his mother.

He had also made it clear that he will not marry anyone from the TV or film industry because he does not want a working wife but wants one who will stay at home and look after the family.

This has come true.

He has announced that he is engaged to Hina Iqbal.

Hina Iqbal is 24 years old and works with the immigration department. She has left her job to learn cooking and will soon be shifting to Mumbai.

She is a simple girl and was hand picked by Anas’ mother.

Hina is 14 years younger than Anas and is based in Chandigarh. She is also a native of Malerkotla, Punjab.

Anas Rashid Hina Iqbal

Wedding, marriage

Anas Rashid married Heena Iqbal on 9th September 2017. The mehendi and haldi ceremony was held over the weekend followed the lavish wedding.

Heena Iqbal is aged 24. She is 14 years younger to Anas, who is 38. The couple got engaged in April this year.

Anas Rashid with wife Heena Iqbal
Anas Rashid with wife Heena Iqbal

Heena and Anas hail from the same town, Malerkotla, located in Punjab. The Nikaah was on September 9, 2017. The Dawaat-e-walima (reception) was on September 10.The wedding was in Malerkotla.

It was a close knit traditional Muslim marriage ceremony. Heena looked like a beautiful bride in blue, green and pink coloured lehenga. The lehenga was studded with heavy designs and her long hair complemented her bridal look.

Anas Rashid, the groom looked handsome as usual. The actor was dressed in a golden sherwani and sehra. Anas came on a special Ghodhi to his nikaah.

Rashid’s wife, Heena is an HR Professional from Chandigarh. She will move to Mumbai with Anas, post their marriage.

Rati Pandey

It was earlier believed that Anas Rashid and Rati Pandey are a couple and that they will be married soon.

Rati Pandey is also an accomplished TV actress and has acted in popular TV serials like ‘Miley Jab Hum Tum’.

However, both actors were so busy with their respective schedules that they drifted apart and decided to call it quits.

Anas Rashid and Rati Pandey


The life story of Anas Rashid is one of rags to riches.

He came to Mumbai with only Rs. 5,000 in his pocket. He stayed in a chawl and did all sorts of odd-jobs. He worked as a chauffeur for four months and struggled to make ends meet.

Today, Anas Rashid receives a salary of Rs. 90,000 per day of shooting.

Assuming he works 20 days in a month, which is routine for TV actors, his monthly salary is Rs. 18 lakhs.

The annual salary of Anas Rashid works out to Rs. 2.16 crore assuming he works all 12 months in the year.

Other TV actors also make high salaries.

Kapil Sharma of “Comedy Nights With Kapil” receives a salary of Rs. 30 lakh per episode.

Ram Kapoor takes home Rs. 1.25 lakh per day (Rs 18.75 lakh a month)

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