DJ Shikha Tiwari & Akanksha Hizkil, Honey Trap Sex Racket Culprits, Arrested

DJ Shikha Tiwari who ran a high profile honey trap sex racket was arrested when she was doing a live show on facebook

The culrpit is only 21 years old. However, she has the mind of a seasoned criminal.

Shikha Tiwari worked as a disc jockey (DJ) at a Mumbai hotel. Her musical group is called ‘Ada’.

She also worked as a “honey trap” with a sinister criminal motive.

The modus operandi was very simple. She went to a doctor named Sunit Soni for a hair transplant and developed friendship.

When she won Sunit Soni’s trust, she went with him for a trip to Pushkar.

DJ Shikha Tiwari

When they came back from the trip, the DJ accused him of having raped her. She threatened to file a police complaint and get him arrested if he did not pay her a colossal sum of Rs 2 crore.

Initially, Sunit Soni resisted the threat. However, Shikha Tiwari went ahead and filed a police compliant. This resulted in the poor doctor being jailed for 78 days before being released.

To buy peace, Soni decided to settle the matter. He paid the young girl a sum of Rs 1 crore.

It appears that the DJ and her gang members had targeted several other well known real estate agents, doctors etc as part of the ‘honey trap’ high-profile sex racket.

The police were finally able to nab her when she went live on Facebook with a DJ show.

The Police busted the entire sex racket by arresting 33 members of the gang. The gang included six women and six lawyers. The group was active for more than a year and is reported to have extorted more than Rs 20 crore from its hapless victims.

In addition to Shikha Tiwari, another gang member named as Akanksha Hizkil, was also arrested from Ajmer. Akanksha Hizkil is said to be one of the group’s kingpins, along with her boyfriend, Akshat Sharma.

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