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Update: Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi all set to return as Attorney General of India, incumbent KK Venugopal’s extended tenure to end on September 30 (source).

Mukul Rohatgi is one of India’s leading lawyers. We probe into his profile, fees, income, net worth, cases, internship opportunities and other interesting facts

Mukul Rohatgi Wiki, Bio

Mukul Rohatagi obtained his Bachelors of Law degree from the prestigious Government Law College in Mumbai.

From his childhood, he was keen to take up law as a profession because his father, Justice Awadh Behari Rohatgi, was a member of the judiciary and retired as a judge of the Delhi High Court.

After completing his legal education, Mukul Rohatgi joined the chambers of Yogesh Kumar Sabharwal, a leading lawyer.

Y. K. Sabharwal later joined the judiciary and became the 36th Chief Justice of India.

In an interview to, Mukul Rohatgi revealed that the early days of his career were filled with a lot of struggles.

He used to work round the clock preparing for his cases and never took a day off, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

He also revealed that he was inspired by other law legends like Fali Nariman, Soli Sorabjee, Nani Palkhivala and used to carefully study how they conduct cases.

He learnt the ropes of preparing briefs and arguing cases from these top lawyers and modeled himself on them.

Mukul Rohatgi’s hard work and court-room abilities were soon noticed by other professionals and also by litigants.

He developed a large practice in civil and criminal matters in the High Court and Supreme Court.

In recognition of his contribution to the field of law, Mukul Rohatgi was designated Senior Advocate by the Delhi High Court on 3 June 1993.


Mukul Rohatgi is about 63 years old.

His date of birth is in 17th August 1955.

He does not look his age and looks much younger because of the extensive physical exercises that he does.

He swims regularly at his farm house in Delhi and also goes for morning walks in Lodi Gardens.

This regime helps Mukul Rohatgi look much younger than his age of 65 years.

Mukul Rohatgi Fees
Mukul Rohatgi with Arun Jaitley and friends at the Lodi Gardens

Appointment as Additional Solicitor General of India

Mukul Rohatgi shot into fame and public consciousness when he was appointed to the prestigious post of Additional Solicitor General of India on 19th June 2014.

Jurist Ram Jethmalani had opposed the appointment of Mukul Rohatgi as A-G.

Some other senior advocates like K. T. S. Tulsi, Prashant Bhushan and Rajiv Dhawan were also opposed to the appointment according to an article in Outlook India.

Mukul Rohatgi resigned from the post of Additional Solicitor General on 18th June 2017 on the ground that he wanted to return to private practice.

According to a publication, Mukul Rohatgi was asked to leave office after the judgement in the National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) cases came against the Government.

It was also claimed that Harish Salve was expected to be the replacement.

Mukul Rohatgi KK Venugopal
Mukul Rohatgi with KK Venugopal, the new ASG

Important cases

In the course of his illustrious career as an Advocate, Mukul Rohatgi has argued a number of landmark cases of national importance.

His famous cases include his representing the Gujarat government in the Supreme Court in the 2002 Gujarat riots.

He also argued the fake encounter death cases, including the Best Bakery and Zahira Sheikh cases.

The case relating to the National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) is also a landmark judgement argued by Mukul Rohatgi in his capacity as Additional Solicitor General.

Fees, Income

Mukul Rohatgi charges fees of Rs. 10 lakh per hearing.

His annual income is about Rs. 10 crore.

Like all other senior advocates, Mukul Rohatgi also charges fees on a per hearing basis.

It is customary for the lawyers to charge a retainer fee and a hearing fee.

In the famous case of probe into CBI Special Judge Loya’s case, Mukul Rohatgi was appointed Special Prosecutor and received a fee of Rs. 1.20 crore from the State Government of Maharashtra.

The income of Rs. 10 crore can be estimated from the fact that Mukul Rohatgi has a very large practice and rich corporate and individual clients.

Some of his clients include the Ambanis, Adanis and Robert Vadra.

Obviously, fees are not a problem for such deep pocketed clients.

Net Worth

Mukul Rohatgi’s net worth is estimated at Rs. 100 crore.

Among the assets that make up his net worth includes a palatial farm house near the Qutub Minar.

The farm house must itself be worth several tens of crore at the present market value.

He also has several super cars which includes a Bentley.

He also has a holiday home in Goa.

There are also paintings from famous artistes in his personal collection.

Among the other assets which contribute to Mukul Rohatgi’s net worth are a number of stocks of blue-chip companies as well as debentures and RBI Bonds.

One can confidently say that the estimate of net worth is conservative and that it can be expected to increase with time.


Mukul Rohatgi’s busy schedule as a practicing lawyer does not leave him with much time for hobbies.

However, he does enjoy reading books on historical aspects such as Mughal history, ancient Roman history or the Byzantine Empire.

He also enjoys reading light thrillers and novels from authors like Jeffrey Archer.

He also makes it a point to go on vacation to places in India and abroad with his family.

He is also fond of cars and likes to drive.


Mukul Rohatgi’s wife is named Vasudha.

She is also an advocate though she has never practiced law owing to her domestic responsibilities.

Her father was also a highly respected senior advocate named G L Sanghi.

In fact, one of the lawyers’ chamber blocks in the Supreme Court is named after G L Sanghi.

Son, Sameer Rohatgi

Mukul Rohatgi’s son is named Sameer Rohatgi.

Sameer Rohatgi is also a practicing advocate. He practices in the Delhi High Court, District Consumer Forums and Family Courts.

Sameer Rohatgi married Meher Sra, also an Advocate, in 2017.

Meher Sra Rohatgi is the daughter of Monica Sharma, a jewellery designer.

Monica Sharma and Meher Rohatgi run a jewellery design company named Atelier Mon.

Sameer Rohatgi with Meher Sra
Sameer Rohatgi with Meher Sra


Mukul Rohatgi has stated often that he loves cars and has a fascination for them.

He has a large collection of luxury cars in his personal garage. One of the cars is a Bentley which costs 5 crore.

He drives them often to Court.


Mukul Rohatgi is known to be highly charitable and benevolent towards the less privileged classes of society.

He generously donates to schools run for blind students and orphanages.

He recently donated Rs. 50 lakh to the Kerela State Government for the flood crisis.

Contact, Address

Mukul Rohatgi’s address is 59, Sunder Nagar, Delhi – 110003.

He has his chamber and residence in the same building.

His telephone numbers are 011 – 29234390, 29234391, 29234392.

His Email address is:


Like all other senior advocates, Mukul Rohatgi also accept applications for internship from bright and young law students.

According to some law students who have interned with him, the experience is quite fulfilling.

He takes personal interest in the welfare of the intern and ensures that he or she is properly tutored about how to prepare for cases.

All internship applications can be sent by email or postal mail to the address set out above.

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