Sanath Jayasuriya Wife, Girlfriend Sex Video Scandal Shocks Fans

Update: 15th October 2018

After the sex scandal and video controversy, Sanath Jayasuriya is now embroiled in a corruption controversy. The ICC has charged the Sri Lankan batting legend for breaching ICC anti-corruption code. Jayasuriya was on two counts for breaching the ICC anti-corruption code and given two weeks to respond by cricket’s world governing body.

This was revealed by ICC on its official twitter account:

Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya is popularly known as the “Matara Marauder” for his incredible achievements on the cricket field.

He has several unbroken records to his credit.

His ODI batting average is an incredible 32.36 and he has a mountain of 13,430 ODI runs.

Sanath was also a very successful left-arm spinner with 421 international wickets.

It is unbelievable that 323 of the runs were achieved in 50-over matches.

Sanath has been awarded the prestigious title of “Deshbandhu” by the Government of Sri Lanka for his illustrious achievements and for bringing name and fame to the tiny Island country.

Sanath Jayasuriya Sex Tape Video

Wife and Girlfriend

Sadly, Sanath Jayasuriya has had bad luck with his choice of wife and girlfriends.

Sumudu Karunanayake, wife No. 1

Sanath married Sumudu Karunanayake in 1998.

Sumudu Karunanayake had all the attributes that one looks for in a partner.

She was lovely looking, with a charming and friendly personality.

Unfortunately, differences cropped up between the Matara Marauder and Sumudu.

The duo decided to divorce within a year’s time.

Sanath, the gentleman that he is, agreed to pay Sumudu Karunanayake heavy alimony for the divorce.

Sandra Tania Rosemary De Silva, Wife No. 2

Sandra Tania Rosemary De Silva, a.k.a. Sandra Jayasuriya was Sanath Jayasuriya’s wife no. 2.

Sandra was highly sophisticated and the perfect match for the Deshbandhu.

She was a flight attendant at Sri Lankan Airlines.

This marriage did work out well.

The Matara Marauder and Sandra had three children. A boy named Ranuka and 2 girls named Keshani and Yalindi.

Unfortunately, this marriage broke down when Sanath fell in love with the beautiful Maleeka Sirisenalage.

Divorce petition by Sandra Jayasuriya

Understandably, Sandra Jayasuriya was deeply hurt by the fact that the Matara Marauder had fallen in love with Maleeka Sirisenalage despite the fact that she (Sandra) had served him faithfully and had three children.

She filed a divorce petition in which she alleged that her illustrious husband was guilty of “malicious desertion”.

She demanded alimony/ divorce compensation of USD 20 million by way of maintenance for each of her three children and herself.

Sandra also demanded two vehicles from Jaysuriya and for money to pay for the construction of a new home.

Fortunately, this claim was satisfactorily resolved with some give and take between the parties.

Maleeka Sirisenalage, wife No. 3

Maleeka Sirisenalage is a lovely looking actress with charming mannerisms.

Maleeka Sirisenalage

At the time that Sanath Jayasuriya fell in love, Maleeka Sirisenalage was only 28 years old.

She was also an air-hostess with Emirates Air Lines.

Her lovely, attractive and vivacious nature captivated the batsman.

Unfortunately, this marriage also failed.

Sanath and Maleeka Sirisenalage agreed to divorce each other on amicable terms.

Sex Tape video controversy

Sanath Jayasuriya is now the victim of a new scandal.

He is alleged to have leaked a ‘revenge porn’ sex tape involving him and his former girlfriend.

The name of the girlfriend is not known.

However, it is known that she is now married to a successful and rich business tycoon.

The business owns a media company which has a dominant presence over television and radio networks in Sri Lanka.

According to press reports originating from Colombo, the sex tape shows Jayasuriya and his girlfriend indulging in sexual acts.

The video is believed to have been recorded by the Matara Marauder with the consent of the girlfriend.

Is the sex tape “revenge porn” uploaded on YouTube?

One school of thought is that Sanath has himself leaked the sex video tape in order to take revenge on his former girlfriend.

It is claimed that Sanath is feeling extremely betrayed by the fact that the girlfriend ditched him and chose to marry the businessman.

According to some fans, Sanath and the girlfriend had informally married each other in a temple and were awaiting the appropriate opportunity to make it public.

The Matara Marauder was at that time still legally married to his earlier wife and could not have married his girlfriend.

The girlfriend is believed to have complained to her husband and friends that the act of uploading the video is an act of “revenge porn”.

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